ČSDS and the National Museum

In 1999 a proposal for cooperation between the two institutions was received from the Director of the National Museum at that time, Dr. Milan Stloukal. The matter was taken up by the Minister of Culture Pavel Dostál, who was concerned mainly that the ČSDS and its collections should be housed in a dignified and appropriate way. Permanent cooperation was signed and sealed in July 2003 in a contractual act – a Donation Contract (in Czech only), in which the ČSDS transferred its entire collection to the ownership of the National Museum, and a Cooperation Agreement (in Czech only), which dealt with the relationships between the two institutions and the commitments of the National Museum with regard to the ČSDS. The contracts were signed by the Director of the National Museum Michal Lukeš and the Chairman of the Board of ČSDS Vilém Prečan.

A celebratory evening was held in the National Museum on 13 October 2003 to mark the occasion of the transfer of the collection.