Library and Archive

The Archive of the National Museum makes the collections of the Czechoslovak Documentation Centre accessible in its Reading Room.

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Professor Vilém Prečan, PhDr, CSc., is happy to meet with scholars and journalists to discuss questions in the following areas:

  • The history of dissent and the dissidents, opposition, and Czechoslovak exiles since 1945;
  • the international context of Czechoslovak history, 1938–90;
  • the crisis years 1938, 1968, 1989;
  • sources on Czechoslovak history, 1939–90;
  • the Slovak factor in Czechoslovak history, 1918–1992

To make an appointment, please send an email message to directly to Vilém Prečan at or ring the CSDS Director, Helena Kašová at tel. +420 257 533 332, +420 602 202 602

Publications for sale

Publications of the Czechoslovak Documentation Centre are available for purchase by individuals and organizations. 

If you order a publication and pay for it in Czech crowns by a direct bank transfer to account no. 27-3147470297/0100 (details), we shall, upon receipt of payment, send it to you at an address in the Czech Republic without charging for postage and handling.

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