Diderot: Disident Culture Online

The Diderot project (full name: Dissidents Documents European Online Repository) was successfully prepared by 1 June 2010, and was submitted to the European Commission for evaluation.

Nine institutions are taking part:

By 20 June 2010, 60 donors have responded to the Czechoslovak Documentation Centre’s request for support for the Diderot project. Their pledges of support amount to 260,000 Kč (10,000 EUR).

The results of the project evaluation are expected by the end of July 2010. They will be announced on the Czechoslovak Documentation Centre website with further details about the project. All donors will be informed.

The ČSDS established a special account, called ČSDS-DIDERO, at the Komerční banka:
Acc. No. 43-7186640277/0100
IBAN: CZ2001000000437186640277